Yes, we like to aim to reduce your waiting time.  So an appointment here will help with this.

You can book by phone, email or online. See our links on the website

  • We are mainly a privately billing clinic. We can send your claim immediately to Medicare.
  • We aim to provide a quality service so the bulk bill payment does not cover our costs.
  • See our list of fees under Information.
  • Often you do not need a 2nd visit for results as we can give this to you over the phone etc. This is when you have a brief message from the doctor.
  • We bulk bill for some services e.g. vaccine booster shots, repeat desensitisation shots, whooping cough vaccine giving, flu vaccine giving and a few other things.

No, whilst some of our doctors have extra qualifications and specialise in certain areas they are all GPs who do not need referrals.

We have 2 GPs who have Diplomas in Obs and Gynaecology.  This means they have studied more in this area and have advanced skills in this area.   You may find by seeing Dr Edwards or Dr Civitico you may not need to see a specialist and can be helped here.   But if you have more questions, please email/phone us to find out more.

We are in a building called Harley House right on the corner of Collins and Exhibition streets.

We are on Level 3 / 71 Collins Streets.

To find us enter between Hermes and Prada shops and take the lift to our level.

We have blood testing facilities right next door at Australian Clinical Labs.  You will need a referral from the doctor first (this is a government requirement) and then take your referral to the collection place.