Vaccinations On-site

We have a full range of vaccines here at the clinic.

Most patients appreciate being able to have their vaccines at the time of the appointment as we aim to deliver a timely service.

We are also a registered yellow fever vaccine clinic.

So feel assured that we will be able to provide the right vaccines
………with the right advice

Whooping cough vaccine – highly recommended for new parents and their close adult relatives

Hepatitis A

Typhoid (lasts only 3 years so is a regular requirement for travel)

Hepatits B


Yellow Fever

Influenza (yearly vaccination recommended)


Chicken Pox

Measles, mumps and rubella

Tetanus and diphtheria


HPV (human papillomavirus)

Your doctor here can discuss with you what vaccines are required according to your needs.

Please explain your requirements when booking.

A full range of childhood vaccines are available here onsite too.

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