Shared Care in Pregnancy

Shared Care means that during your pregnancy you can see the same GP for most of your pregnancy visits with some visits at the hospital.

Together, the hospital and your chosen GP will “share your care”.

Shared Care is a popular choice for women who are healthy with a normal pregnancy.

Some of the advantages are:

  • See the same doctor who gets to know you (and your partner if you would like.)
  • Have fewer hospital visits
  • Ability to have your questions answered by a trained experienced doctor
  • Have most of your care close to your home or work

At our clinic we have three GPs registered to do Shared Care:

  • Dr Graeme Edwards
  • Dr Patricia Civitico
  • Dr Jenny Woods

Many patients, including new patients, have seen our GPs for the Shared Care experience.

Standard consult fees apply with a Medicare rebate (see our Fees list).

We suggest booking your First appointment here before 9 weeks pregnancy as various tests need to be arranged soon after.

Acknowledgment Source: The Royal Womens Hospital Website