Referrals to Psychologists

Consultations with a psychologist can attract a Medicare rebate.

However you first need an Initial Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)
and referral letter from your GP. This requires a ½ hour consult with the GP.

Our GPs are happy to assist and have the information to get you started.

Please state you need an Initial Mental Health Treatment Plan when booking if this is your intention and request a ½ hour appointment.

At the end of your initial visit here you and your GP will have a written plan and referral.

Your GP may recommend between 1 to 6 sessions with a psychologist.
These sessions will attract a Medicare rebate, please check with your psychologist for their individual rates.

When you have used your recommended sessions, if you need more Medicare rebated sessions you need to return to your GP here for review.

This review appointment can be booked as a regular 15 minute consult.

At that consult you seek agreement from your GP that another group of sessions are recommended.

Please note that 10 sessions per calendar year is the maximum number of sessions for attracting a Medicare rebate with your psychologist.

At the end of the calendar year if you have unused sessions from your GP referral they can carry over into the next calendar year.

You and your psychologist will need to keep track of the number of sessions you have used in the calendar year and the number used since your last GP referral.

Due to the complexity of the above arrangement feel free to discuss the Medicare rulings and arrangements with our Practice Manager, Leona.

It is strongly suggested that you also communicate with your psychologist regarding costs and Medicare rebates.