Pregnancy Management including Shared Care

Dr Patricia Civitico, Dr Graeme Edwards & Dr Jenny Woods

What is Shared Maternity Care?

Shared Maternity Care means that during your pregnancy you can see the same general practitioner for most of your pregnancy visits with some visits at the hospital.

Together, the hospital and your chosen GP will ‘share your care’.

The birth of your baby is at the hospital e.g. Royal Women’s Hospital.

Why choose shared care?

Shared Care is a popular choice for women who are healthy with a normal pregnancy.
In choosing Shared Care you:

  • have most of your care close to your home or work
  • see the same doctor who gets to know you and your baby
  • build a relationship with your doctor and continue to see them after your baby is born
  • have fewer hospital visits

Shared Care doctors here charge the normal consultation fee. They are highly experienced in pregnancy management, and their advice and recommendations give you the best care.

How shared care works?

You attend to see the GP here who will explain the Shared Care process.
They will order your first set of blood tests so that you and the hospital are fully informed.

A good time to see the GP here is in your first 8 weeks. This ensures that you are fully informed and that you are successfully booked with the hospital.

Public Shared Care

Our doctors are registered to do shared care with a wide range of public hospitals in Melbourne including the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Mercy, Monash, Sunshine, Sandringham and more.

If you are not privately insured, this is an ideal option. You are able to access the expertise of our shared care GPs and have your delivery booked with a hospital that you will get to know prior to baby being born.

Private Shared Care

One of our GPs here, Dr Graeme Edwards, has a successful relationship with two private obstetricians who deliver at Frances Perry House (the private section of the Women’s Hospital).

The delivery and half of your pregnancy appointments are with the private obstetrician.

Those with private health insurance may find this an ideal option, as they have access to two doctors (the GP and private obstetrician) for their care and advice.


You can download more information on Shared Care at The Womens Hospital here

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