XXXOur Doctors

Dr Patricia [Trish] Civitico


Trish has a delightful and positive approach. Her commitment to optimal care is applied to a full range of health needs for all ages.

She is also available before and after work for women’s health checks, including pap smears and breast checks.

Dr Civitico provides shared pregnancy management.

Trish is available 5 days a week for your health care needs.
Appointments from 8.00am onwards Monday to Friday.
Available for after work appointments on Thursdays.

Dr Graeme Edwards


Graeme has a special interest in Skin (both skin problems and skin cancers); Women’s health, including pregnancy and fertility advice for couples.
He is taking new patients for treatment in these areas only.

For other treatments, the Clinic’s other doctors are well qualified to assist.

Difficult to treat skin conditions including problems, assessment of possible skin cancers and removal of skin cancers are looked after by Dr Edwards.

Difficult to treat skin conditions, assessment of possible skin cancers and removal of skin cancers are looked after by Dr Edwards. He has received post-graduate training in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery from the University of Queensland.

He provides Ante-natal Care [pregnancy management] and is registered with several hospitals.

Graeme has expertise in treating vulval disorders and fertility problems and will consult new and existing patients for these treatments.

Fertility assessments and advice, as a first step for couples, are undertaken by Dr Graeme Edwards.

Dr Jean Khoo


Jean’s practical approach is in all aspects of general practice.

She enjoys practising Preventative Medicine and Health Education.

Jean provides strong continuity of care and has expertise in both Women’s and Men’s Health checks.

Such check ups usually require a longer appointment so please let us know when booking that you need to have a “Full Health Check”.

She is also available for Implanon insertions and removals. Please discuss this with Reception when booking.

Dr Christopher Oh


Chris has specific interests in, and continues to update the fields of preventative health, lifestyle medicine, skin cancer, preventative cardiology/ECG cardiac stress testing and men’s health issues.

He has considerable experience in preventative health for executives and in skin cancer diagnosis and surgery with specialist dermatologists.

Dr Oh has undertaken advanced post-graduate training in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery from the University of Queensland.

He is currently consulting three days a week at Collins Place Medical Clinic.

His approach is both informative and detailed, particularly in the areas of skin cancer, men’s health and preventative medicine.

Dr Jenny Woods


Jenny has a Postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

She holds a position at the Royal Women’s Hospital and is registered to do shared care pregnancy management.

Her work is mainly in obstetrics and gynaecology and Dr Woods is seeing new patients in these areas of her expertise.

She is especially able to assist with shared care pregnancy appointments, e.g. with the Royal Womens Hospital and enjoys providing detailed information to mothers-to-be.

Dr Diana Cardamone


Diana aims to provide a personal approach to medical care and encourages quality patient education.

She has postgraduate qualifications in Health Care of the Aged.

Her interest areas include all general practice, management of asthma, diabetes and care of the elderly. She has a delightful and caring manner. Her ability to identify the health care needs of elderly patients and provide avenues of referral and support is highly appreciated.

Dr Stuart Emmerson


Dr Emmerson’s energetic and positive approach is well complemented by his expertise and experience. He is available to see both male and female patients for a variety of conditions e.g. cholesterol checks and advice, heart risk factors, diabetes treatment, treatment of injuries and much more.

Patients find him to be friendly and welcoming. You may see him cycling his bike to work but you’ll have a better chance of catching him once he has arrived!

Dr James Q Mach


James is both an experienced general practitioner and a cosmetic doctor. In general practice James assists with a range of health conditions for both men and women. James is available from 8 am. to 6 pm. for the convenience of both before and after work appointments.

As a cosmetic doctor he has a personal and professional approach.

Both new and existing patients benefit from his training and expertise as a registered doctor. James provides services such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments etc.

Book a “My Options” appointment with James to have your personal assessment and advice first.
Book a “My Treatment” appointment for 1/2 an hour for your personalised treatment.

We ask patients to mention their preferred type of booking.

New patients are most welcome.

Please feel free to enquire by phone on 9650 4218 or email

Also refer to our Services page Cosmetic Treaments for more information.

Dr Hilda Khoo and Dr Lisa Whitmarsh

Our Locum Doctors

Both Hilda and Lisa are enthusiastic and experienced doctors who join our practice when our regular doctors are on leave. They have access to all patient information so they can provide continuity of care for each of our patients. Both Hilda and Lisa are conscientious, caring and fully qualified. They ensure that your needs are given the best of attention.
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