Men’s Health Check

If you’d like to keep your body in tune then a full medical check-up is the solution

Meet with the doctor to discuss any of your concerns and to work out your risk factors
to ensure you keep in great health.

  • Risk factors e.g. Cholesterol ,  family history, previous health issues
  • Diet and Weight
  • Heart risk assessment, blood pressure
  • Skin cancer check
  • Blood sugar (diabetes)
  • Immunisation update
  • Prostate blood test
  • Quit smoking assistance
  • Your concerns

This is a comprehensive check-up.

It does not have unnecessary expensive tests.

Blood tests are bulk billed.

You can do this straight after your doctor’s appointment
(remember to come fasted – water only for 10 hours prior)

or you can do it on another day at your nominated time.

Book with the doctor for a 30 – 45 minute appointment for medical history taking,
listening to any concerns/questions, ordering tests tailored to your needs.
(Patients over 50 are recommended to have a 45 minute visit and patients under 50 may choose to have a 30 minute initial consult.)

Please note you can book your skin cancer check separately
with one of our specialising doctors – Dr Graeme Edwards and Dr Christopher Oh.

1.  Health screening in men aged 40 to 60

2.  Mens health checks

3.   Health checks at different life stages


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