Flu Vaccines


Anyone can get influenza….

But not everyone can afford to spend days or weeks in bed.

It may mean loss of income,

…….not meeting deadlines …. letting the side down.

The influenza vaccine is the best form of prevention

It can:

  • Help your body to produce its own protection.
  • Lessen the risk of secondary complications e.g pneumonia, depression.

The vaccine cannot give you the flu as it does not have any active virus.

The vaccine includes the latest strains to give immunity against the most likely and most severe types of virus.

There is a sad history of the impact of influenza

The most notable was when the illness from the 1918 flu pandemic, also known as the Spanish flu, came on quickly.

Some people felt fine in the morning but died by nightfall.

People who caught the Spanish Flu but did not die from it often died from complications
caused by bacteria, such as pneumonia.

During the 1918 pandemic:

  • Approximately 20% to 40% of the worldwide population became ill
  • An estimated 50 million people died


Today we have scientists researching the current strains of influenza in our worldwide community.

The strains deemed to be the highest risk are then provided in the annual vaccine.

Things you might not know about the flu shot !

  • There is no live virus in the flu shot.
  • The composition of the vaccine changes every year.
  • The flu shot is safe for pregnant women at all stages of their pregnancy.

The flu vaccine is available here at competitive prices.

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