Claiming Your Rebate

Medicare Claims

After paying for your visit with the doctor, if you have Medicare then you are able to claim a rebate.

Our service includes transmitting electronically your Medicare claim and a deposit can be made into your bank account (usually overnight).
We provide a printout at the time of your visit to show your details as sent to Medicare.

To activate speedy Medicare rebates register with us, or with Medicare, your bank account details,
i.e. BSB and Account No. where you would like your Medicare rebate paid.

Alternatively you can attend a Medicare office and they will process your claim.

It is important to check that your details are correct with Medicare and with our clinic for a smooth claiming process.

Private Health Fund Claims

Patients who do not have Medicare often have a private health fund. We will supply you with an itemized invoice/receipt which you need to forward to your fund for your rebate amount.

Claiming Vaccinations or Medical Items

Whilst Medicare does not provide rebates for vaccinations or medical items, often Private Health Funds do with Extras level of cover.
Each fund is unique so we ask that you check with your own health fund.
We will provide a separate invoiced receipt at the time of payment which you can send to your Private Health Fund for claiming of vaccines etc given here.