Blood Tests and Referrals for all Tests

Pathology tests

Pathology tests involve the laboratory testing of blood, body fluids and tissues. Blood tests, urine tests and stool (or faeces) tests are more common types of pathology tests.

The best choice of pathology tests and when to use a test depends on your individual circumstances. By seeing a doctor at our clinic, you will discuss the best tests to diagnose problems you are experiencing. The doctor will give you a written referral for your test – which is typically bulk-billed (if you have Medicare).

Our nearest pathology collection centre, Healthscope Pathology is right next door.
Open 8am – 4.45pm Mondays- Fridays.

You can walk in on the day for your test or phone to make a booking (particularly suitable for fasting blood tests in the morning and longer tests e.g. ECGs).
Then contact us by phone or see the doctor for review of your test results.
Ask the doctor when you get your referral about the expected time for the results to be back here at the Clinic.

Tests take different amounts of time to be completed but most tests are returned to the doctor within 3-4 days. Pregnancy tests typically have a one day turnaround.

Radiology tests

Testing by Xray, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI are some of the tests which may be recommended for your diagnosis.

Our doctors are keen to ensure that you have the right sort of test for your problem. It is also important to go to the right radiology centre that has the best machines and specialists to diagnose your problem.

For instance, gynaecology problems and testing in pregnancy are recommended by our doctors to be tested at a specialty women’s radiology centre.

We also prefer to use radiology centres with staff who have a special interest in musculoskeletal (orthopaedic, rheumatological and sports medicine) imaging when that is required.

Most test results take only until the next working day to be reported on and sent to us by the specialist radiologists. Films are now viewed online, eliminating the need for you to have films printed.

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