Available 5 days a week: Monday – Friday

Consultations are by appointment.

We schedule fifteen minutes per consultation.

Lunch time, early morning and late appointments are available.

HOURS:     Monday to Thursdays: 8am – 6 pm     Friday: 8am-5.30 pm


  • Phone: 9650 4218 to speak with our Practice Assistants
  •  Health Engine – online bookings (for appointments on the day or the next dayclick here

Choosing the right doctor is important.

We have doctors that have special training in a number of areas.

To see the doctor best suited to your particular needs, please let us know your reason for booking so we can maximise your care.

Should you wish to discuss several issues, additional time can be provided.
If this is the case, please inform reception that you will need a longer consultation when you book the appointment.

This helps to ensure that your needs are met, as well as minimising waiting time for other people.

If you have an urgent medical problem, please let our reception know the type of problem being experienced.
This will enable us to give optimal assistance.

Our doctors aim to run on time but sometimes this is not possible.
For example, the patient booked before you may need additional time for a difficult problem or we may have to squeeze in a patient with an urgent problem e.g. bleeding, difficulty breathing.

If this occurs we seek your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

We can reschedule your appointment if this is preferable to waiting.

Please be assured that our doctors aim to provide quality care in the most timely way possible.